Fixed Wing

Light Sport Aircraft are fully fledged fixed wing aircraft, with certain limitations. They are a fantastic way to affordably participate in aviation and fixed wing flying – which opens the door to touring, travel, general aviation, and exploring the flying paradise South Africa has to offer (Not to mention fly-away camping!). While you are limited to flying aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category (600kg), we believe that training on these aircraft and flying in and out of the fields we do, leaves our pilots with a very strong practical skills set for their future in aviation.

A great way to to experience flying a light sport aircraft is to book an introductory flight with us.

Our Training syllabus has been formulated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). Ballito Microlight School (SACAA/0004/DTO) conducts all training and exams at the Ballito Airfield which is within the King Shaka International CTR.

Requirements for LSA is a minimum of 35 hours training, however based on previous experience, most students require more time. You are also credited with time should you wish to pursue other license types (converting to WCM, PPL etc.).

Aircraft Training Type: ICP Savannah S

National Pilots LicenceLSA
Light Sport Aircraft
Minimum Age16 Years Student Pilot Licence Complete at 17 years old
Hours Required (Dual)35
Hours Required (Solo)15
ExamsPrinciples of Flight
Aviation Law
Air Navigation
Aviation Meteorology
Engines & Airframes
Human Performance
Type Specific (LSA)
Radio LicenceRestricted Radio
MedicalClass 4
OtherDual and Solo Nav Flights, General Skills Test