Ballito Microlights is a SACAA Approved Declared Training Organisation (SACAA/0004/DTO), as well as authorised and certified commercial microlight operation offering scenic flights. We specialize in National Pilots License (NPL) training, training for Light Sports Aircraft (LSA), Weight Shift Controlled Microlights (WCM) and Conventionally Controlled Microlights (CCM) licenses.

At Ballito Microlights, we understand that our students are passionate about aviation, but are not necessarily intending to become commercial pilots. Learning is part of the experience, and we endeavor to give our students an amazing and memorable training experience. This is what makes our school unique. We are a boutique flight school located at a unique, beautiful airfield and are all about the fun of flight.

A National Pilots License is the right fit for someone that has a passion for flight and wants to chase their dreams. It is more affordable than a private pilots license, and doesn’t compromise the outcome of becoming a competent pilot. We pride ourselves in our training as we go above and beyond what is required for the syllabus and train our students to be able to fly into remote, often short, often rough airstrips. After all, we need these skills to be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the flying paradise that Northern Kwazulu Natal offers!